Craftsmanship —
Strings & Cables

Handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA

Like you, we do not fear hard work and we are unafraid to dream of something better. It’s that drive that compels us to produce the absolute finest crossbow strings, using the right blend of modern materials, machinery and time-honored techniques.

Work ethic, dedication to craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of the perfect shot — we are BlackHeart and we craft crossbow strings.


DuraWeave™ String Construction

DuraWeave Construction

BlackHeart strings and cables are produced using our exclusive DuraWeave process. The process includes pre-stretching the strands which results in highly consistent string length — not just out of the box, but shot after shot.

GlideLock™ Center-Serving

GuideLock Center-Serving

BlackHeart strings feature our innovative GlideLock center-serving technology. This durability-enhancing, friction-reducing process locks the center-serving strands together in a way that greatly reduces separation and friction.

GlideLock™ End Loop & Cam Serving*

GlideLock End Loop Serving

Utilizing the game-changing GlideLock technology, we are able to tailor each end loop and cam serving to accommodate the exact specifications for each crossbow model, offering unheard of gains in performance.

*serving style may vary by model