3 Tips To Help Achieve a Steadier Shot

Posted on: May 17th, 2021
by BlackHeart

How To Improve Your Shot Accuracy

Serious shooters seek perfection, and perfection is honed during time spent practicing on the range.

It’s what gives you the confidence every time you rest your cheek to the stock and settle your sight into the scope. When in the woods or on the range, the only currency is confidence.

It’s the difference between success and failure, trophies and tragedies. When the moment counts, you rely on your confidence to know where that shot is going.

Are you not happy with your shot consistency? Are you looking to cut paper more often? Are you still losing sleep over that miss this past hunting season, or even a few hunting seasons ago?

If so, it’s time to start training. Practicing with these three tips in mind will help you execute a steadier shot and improve your shot accuracy.

1. Grip

Holding the rifle or crossbow too loose or too tight is what causes many shooters to create their own problems.

If you’re not sure how you’re holding it, think about how you shake hands.

Too much or too little pressure in that situation is very noticeable, use it as a reference.

2. Stabilization

Quite possibly the most important anchor point for your shot is how you pull the stock into your shoulder.

Two good reasons to firmly seat the stock into your shoulder would be to keep the entire stock and ultimately the shot from moving all over, and not hurting your shoulder from recoil if you’re shooting a firearm.

If your sight image is moving more than you like, try bringing the stock a little more into your shoulder.

3. Shooting Form

Keep your elbows close and your back straight. When aiming in the prone position, especially if seated, a good trick is to rest your non-trigger elbow on your leg.

Keeping your elbows tucked comfortably close to your body reduces fatigue and helps create a better balance.

In regard to your back, don’t slouch. Keep your back as straight as you can and lean into the shot.

It’s also important to note that shooting form doesn’t stop the second the shot goes off.

Make sure you maintain your form for a few seconds after the shot to complete the all-important follow-through that so many forget, sometimes without even knowing it.

Those few seconds can be vital to ensure the shot is perfect and where you want it to hit.

Shooting Accessories

In addition to our superior line of gun cases and gun slings, our shooting accessories can help you in your efforts to a steadier shot and improved shot accuracy.

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Our Crucial Sight Stack Combo is lightweight, adjustable, and capable of producing confidence every time you use it.

Whether you’re sighting in at the range or carrying it with you in the woods — its value is immeasurable when the shot counts.

The beauty of the sight stack combo is not only the stability but the adjustability and customization.

Not only do you get a solid “V” shaped notch at the top for resting your firearm or crossbow, but you have three pre-filled bags that can be easily added or subtracted with their hook and loop system on the fly with a total height of 8”.

When accuracy is everything, look to our Crucial Sight Stack Combo to help to create the confidence for you to make the perfect shot, every time.

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