Top 6 Must-Have Items for Your Range Bag

Range Bag, Range Bag at Gun Range, BlackHeart Range Bag, Range Bag with Firearm and Accessories, Range Day
Posted on: July 2nd, 2021
by BlackHeart

Range Bag, Range Bag at Gun Range, BlackHeart Range Bag, Range Bag with Firearm and Accessories, Range Day

Range Bag Essentials

Whether you’ve set aside your whole day, or you’re working some time in around punches of the clock at work, range time is valuable.

It’s training, maintenance, recreation, and therapy all fused into one from the time you park until you pack your range bag to head out.

Range time is so valuable for those reasons. Shooters know that like most things that matter in life few things are to be wasted — especially time and ammunition.

Reasons for being at the range vary from season to season in the year. From sighting in the rifle for hunting season to plinking and maybe even shaving a few seconds off of that holster time.

Preparation and organization are two key ingredients in a successful, and more importantly, safe and enjoyable trip to the range.

By yourself, or with others, no one wants to realize they left a key piece of equipment at home.

From novice to professional shooters, you should have at least these six items in your range bag to take your range day to the next level.

  1. Guns and Ammo – What’s a range day without guns and ammo? It might sound like a no-brainer, but we wanted to list it as to not forget it. Listen, we’ve all been there. You head out to the range and you inevitably forget either a gun or ammo for a gun that you wanted to take. Having guns and ammo listed on your range day checklist or packed in your range bag will help prevent you from forgetting it.
  2. Eye and Ear Protection – Technically two items, but you should always have both as if they’re one. No one is hoping for a trip to the emergency room and damage to eyes and ears can be a nightmare for you, or someone you’re enjoying range time with. It’s affordable and effective so buy a few extra to keep in your bag.
  3. Targets and a Staple Gun – Again, two items that are so intertwined it should be considered one item. Your local shooting club may not provide these items, and paying for it at an indoor range’s pro shop could be pricey. Forgetting one or the other could end a fun day of shooting before it starts, or force you back to the house to get what you should have had stashed in your bag.
  4. Spotting Scope – For those sighting in at long ranges a spotting scope is essential gear. Affording the adjustability to dial in the crosshairs between shots, you or your spotter can get instantaneous information about how your weapon is performing. It’s also been known to settle an argument or two without waiting for a stroll down range to start bragging.
  5. Gun Care Kit – Guns can have issues out on the range, further than you’d like from a gun shop’s workbench. When that happens, you’re going to reap the benefits of that pro-level preparation when you reach in your bag for the solution to your problems. From cleaners, lubricants, allen wrenches, and other specialized tools for your firearms, heading to the range without a care kit in your range bag is asking for frustration. Be prepared and make sure you have one packed.
  6. Gun Rest – To ensure you have a truly steady shot you should have some form of a gun rest. Whether it actually fits in your range bag, or not – having a gun rest while shooting long guns is invaluable. The gun rest provides you a platform to stabilize your shot when sighting in your gun, or working on your groupings. One of our personal favorites is our Crucial Sight Stack Combo. It features a base bag, 2 sight stack bags, and a V-bag to rest your firearm. The modularity of this gun rest is one-of-a-kind and offers you a way to customize the stack to your liking.

The Best Range Bag for Range Days

One thing you’ll need to carry all of your range day essentials is a quality range bag. Whether you already have a range bag and are looking to upgrade, or you’re looking for your first range bag – look no further than the Respondent Range Bag!

What good is all of the most expensive equipment in the world if you don’t have a reliable and comfortable way to carry it all?

The Respondent Range Bag is your military-grade, modern-day customizable central accessory system. Keep it at the ready to load up so you don’t have to waste time tearing apart the house looking for what you need.

There’s no set recipe for every range bag. You can start with these six items and build on them to suit your wants and needs.

Time at the range is too much fun and too valuable to end early because you’re missing an essential piece of gear.

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